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The most general definition of an audit is an evaluation of a person, organization, system, process, project or product. Audits

Audits are performed to ascertain the validity and reliability of information, and also provide an assessment of a system's internal control. The goal of an audit is to express an opinion on the person / organization / system etc. under evaluation based on work done on a test basis.

Due to practical constraints, an audit seeks to provide only reasonable assurance that the statements are free from material error. Hence, statistical sampling is often adopted in audits. In the case of financial audits, a set of financial statements are said to be true and fair when they are free of material misstatements - a concept influenced by both quantitative and qualitative factors. 

At RWFC we work hard to maintain exceptionally high standards of professional practice and

a strong system of quality control.

Audited financial statements are critical to a business and have significant benefits for clients far beyond their immediate compliance function. They enhance the credibility of financial information, communicate information objectively and help maintain stakeholder confidence. These benefits also apply to our other assurance services as they provide assurance to clients, bankers and partners that the business is financially secure. Beyond these basics, they provide deep insight so you can improve your business.

Our team brings extensive experience in addressing all of your assurance needs. Our risk-based approach begins with an in depth understanding of your organization and the identification of any significant areas of exposures and associated risks. We also understand your business processes and internal controls as part of understanding your business. While providing you with assurance services we offer insightful information to improve controls, operations, systems and business processes. We are therefore able to deliver services which add value to your business instead of a being merely a compulsory nuisance.

In order to help you keep the costs low we focus on performing our services in the most effective and efficient way, and while in field we re-evaluate our strategy to achieve this goal. We also monitor your audit readiness by keeping in touch with you on a regular basis.

Our assurance related services include:


  • Statutory audits, reviews and compilations

  • Agreed Upon Procedures

  • Due diligence audits

  • Compliance audits & Systems audits

  • Internal controls analysis and reporting    

Industries served include: 


  • Manufacturing/Distribution Technology 

  • Real Estate/Construction 

  •  Retail/Wholesale 

  •  Hedge Funds 

  •  Insurance 

  •  Non-Profit 

  •  Professional Services Firms

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